‘Drive Suits’ costume transforms you into an actual Transformer

Drew Beaumier, a 26 year old Californian, has made fully functional Transformer costumes known as Drive Suits. Each suit resembles Optimus Prime and other alien Transformers and each one can also transform into a vehicle that can move along the ground with motorized “drive boots.’

transformer top

Each costume is made by hands using recycled toys and sporting gear. Suit when transformed into a vehicle can move at 12 mph (19 km/h), in an instant the vehicle can leap over to become Optimus Prime like Transformer. The Drive Suits made by Drew include Mustang, Camaro and VW Beetle, also some are able to transform into motorcycles.


Drive Suit includes a helmet for wearer’s safety, a battery belt and a charger. It will cost you US$1,800 and can be ordered on Drive Suits website.



Via: Gizmag

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