Duncan shoots his amazing creativity with a wooden Portal gun

Till date mostly seen portal gun replicas were made out of LEGOs, Steampunk art or of 3D prints, but Duncan Shirah, a sculpting artist has made a wooden life-sized replica of a portal gun. He has given gave the gun a very unique and ancient look and has also furnished it to the fullest to make it look glossy.

Duncan Shirah has also used glass and metal to make the aperture science handheld portal gun. Although the gun is made with all classiness, it does not work a bit. The wooden portal gun is hand crafted but no details are provided as to how Duncan made this awesome replica. One thing is for sure, popularity of the gun will inspire many other artists to come up with their own art on the same theme.

Duncan’s website features some of his brilliant designs. You can contact him on his Facebook page too.

Via: Technabob

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