Elvis, a cool LEGO helicopter built from 100,000 bricks

Ryan McNaught is a LEGO artist who is taking part in an Australian convention called Brickvention. The event will display some of the most beautiful LEGO creations by various talented artists. One of the many creations is Ryan McNaught’s Elvis. Elvis is a LEGO helicopter, based on Erickson S-64 Air-Crane Helicopter and is made from 100,000 bricks.

Elvis Lego Helicopter

Built specially for Brickvention, it took Ryan around one month to complete the LEGO helicopter. It measures a huge 4m by 1m, by far the largest Ryan has made. Amazingly detailed parts like fans and engine make it one of the best LEGO creations. For more intrinsic details have a look at the photographs.

Elvis Lego Helicopter 1

Elvis Lego Helicopter 2

Elvis Lego Helicopter 3

Elvis Lego Helicopter 4Via: Brothers-Brick



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