Fancy a Flying Car? This Flying Motor Tricycle will give you a super flight time over the traffic

How many times have you wished your car could just coast past the mortifying traffic aerially, avoiding rampant vehicular deadlocks which show no signs of budging? Apparently, a bright Texan inventor by the name of Larry Neal has brought this fancy to life with his invention ‘The super sky cycle’.

Its cost- $75000, its unique ability- to work on land and in air. It’s a three wheeled road vehicle at soul with the unique ability to evade traffic gridlocks by hovering past them aerially like a little helicopter. To accomplish this, the super sky cycle utilizes a 528cc engine and a three blade 68 inch propeller. It can fly at 35mph, land in 20ft of space and has a top land speed of 65mph.

The flying tricycle is set to be made available to the public. It has a 5 hour flight time and requires a pilot’s licence to fly. When on road, the propellers are designed to fold to avoid all obstructions. It can go 500 miles without refuelling and can be refuelled at an ordinary gas station. The inventor has been awarded a US patent for large scale production and supply to general public. Mr Neal has already received many orders for national and international companies. Looks like this stroke of ingenuity might just prove to be a promising ‘flight’ for the inventor’s aspirations.

Via: TruthDive

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