Fascinating Steampunk Xbox 360 & GE 1960’s Antique Radio Combo-Mod

I’m not exactly sure what makes people want to mod their game systems. Maybe it’s a creative spark, maybe it’s complete and utter obsession with a game, or maybe it’s just boredom. On this one it is a distinct combination of ADHD and boredom of the “unemployed” variety. With that being said, this mod began with the purchase of an antique General Electric 1960s clock radio receiver.

Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio Top

I had recently began opening up X-Box 360 consoles and switching out the fans and soldering on new fan systems to keep the system cooler and was looking for a nice sized box to put it all in. When I came across the C580A radio loved it. As for the Steampunk choice, it just made perfect since to me with the antique design and the discovery of the gears and tubes on the inside of the receiver that were still in great condition. Not to mention I’ve always loved the Bioshock titles, and with Bioshock Infinity coming out here soon, and Unforgiven being my recent game of choice, I felt like it was the correct choice.

Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio 1

I decided to go with the 360 unit standing upright for better cooling and hot air removal during playtime. I began by the addition of the top box design with the two hinge additions: The top for insertion/removal of the 360 unit and the second for disc tray. Likewise, I cut out a portion of the right wall and put in Leather so as to allow the quick removal of the connection cords and such. After a little painting with a bronze acrylic, polyurethane coating and some metal trimming main structure of the unit was complete.

Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio 5

From here on, it was really just modding the unit with additional materials and antique parts I came across over time. The tubes have been adjusted with blue LED lights for the effect given off. There is also two LED bars on the inside next to the disc tray portion (for when the side disc tray door is open) two LED light strips affixed inside the clock front unit as well. All run off 12 volt, which is inserted into the switch panel at the top. All the gears come from old watches, old clocks and decorative gears from the hobby store. On the front is an antique metal compass, and the side bronze piping is from an old portable car tire pump.

Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio 2

(You can buy this amazing creation for $800. Contact the creator on the address below.)

William Thompson


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Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio 3

Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio 4

Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio 6

Steampunk Xbox 360 and Radio 7

[Thanks William]


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