Genuine 3D: Nine screen tilt display is a ‘New Dimension’ of entertainment

Jason Alexander and Sriram Subramanian from Lancaster University have developed a Tilting Television. The Television comprises of nine different screens which altogether display in 3D while adding a bit of action. According to the developers the TV is not meant for entertainment purposes only but also for other realistic purposes like planning trips or treks across tricky locations. The idea came to Jason while he was going through a hilly area in Bristol and when he looked into the map for directions he wasn’t able to make out whether the path ahead of him is plain area or a hilly route. He decided to make a device that would be able to differentiate the whole terrain.

Nine screen tilt display

Nine screen tilt display is a three-by-three screen configured device that is programmed to tilt in a variety of directions to signify the 3D content displayed. The screens can also be divided so that many users can work on it at the same time. This device can display both images as well as videos in a ‘genuine 3D’. The developers explained with an example: while playing video of a landscape if sky is displayed then all screens will remain still and upright but if ground is displayed then the screens will move according to the terrain, if there is high ground the screen where high ground is displayed will go up and if there is low ground the screen where low ground is displayed will go down.

All 2D images convert into 3D when they are displayed on this nine screen tilt display. Finland’s Nokia Research Centre is working with the developers so that commercial versions of the device could be manufactured with different number of screens and different sizes. It’s just a matter of time that we will have these genuine 3D screens on our mobiles, tablets and televisions

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