Georgia Tech develops a coin sized battery that charges when you move

When we first heard about a self-charging battery, a mere thought gave us dreams about its existence. Could it be a possibility? Yes, Georgia Tech has come up with a coin sized battery that can fit inside your shoe and recharges itself when you move. The battery is lithium-ion in which electrodes have been swapped with polyvinylidene difluoride film that is covered with piezoelectrics. The researchers have tested the battery and results came out to be positive. All energy that the cell develops is by the movement only, no external voltage is used.

Self-charging battery could be the most significant expertise that will help us indeed, when it will mass produce. It will be able to recharge our devices on-the-go. What is most and only displeasing thing about a self-charging battery is that the power is limited, but the engineers at Georgia Tech are thinking about ways to extend the power. One way to add more power is more squeezable piezoelectrics, because more the piezoelectrics will squeeze more will be the pressure it will apply to the cell.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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