Gesture-controlled armband ‘Myo’ can control your gadgets with a wave of hand

Gesture controls have made life easier and freed us from the use of conventional controls. Myo is a similar gesture control armband that works on the same principals. The armband has been created in Thalmic labs and makes use of   and motions sensors for its functioning. It tracks gestures based on the movements of your arm or wave of your hand and even slight movement of your finger.


The armband is powered with rechargeable batteries and has got ARM processor. It communicates with other devices using Bluetooth low energy. The amazing armband could be used to control your computer, play video games, control iOS and Android.


The Myo could be used control web browsing, videos, media content etc. The armband will be made available till the end of 2013 at around $149. You can even preorder the armband. So what’s your take on this fascinating gesture control armband? For more details watch the video.

Via: GetMyo

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