Gloveless hand tracker by Microsoft allows easy interaction with electronics

With user friendly interfaces coming up with a great pace, a new interface has come up that tracks the movement of its users. The new technology has been created by Microsoft and is termed as Digits. The device is worn on a user’s wrist from where it tracks the hand movements. The unique feature of the device is you need not wear any glove with it. Its efficiency could be made out from the fact that it detects hand positions in 3D, which means you can turn a book page or zoom in the page by just lifting your hand.

The prototype of the magnificent device was unleashed by the company at the USIT 2012 conference. It has got an infrared camera, an IR diffuse illuminator, inertial measurement unit and an IR laser line generator. Work is being done to reduce the size of the device that seems pretty impractical. The company hopes to make movement tracking device a key method of input for cell phones, tablets as well as Kinect. It helps in providing gamers with a full realistic experience while playing games.

Another interesting feature is a person can move freely and can easily interact with their electronics. The users are excited about the device as it would surely replace video game controllers and way of interaction with other electronic devices.

Via: Gizmag

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