GPS shoes that lead the way

A gleeful mood and scenic outdoors are a perfect reason to click your heels and get going on a leisurely tread, promenading along the vistas. But now a click of your heels can bring you more than just a good feeling. In fact, it can take you places, show you directions and guide every turn of your stroll.

Alright then, cutting to the chase, we’re talking of GPS equipped shoes which activate the positioning activity when both the heels are clicked together. Neat hah! Your shoes would directly be communicating with GPS satellites and none would be the wiser is discerning it! Christened ‘No place like home’ by designer Dominic Wilcox, these GPS brogue shoes have a GPS device integrated to the left shoe’s heel which as aforementioned comes into play on clicking the heels together.

The destination is fed into the shoes via a USB connection which is followed by lighting up of LEDs through a circle of brogue perforations. These LEDs light up indicating the wearer which direction to head. The right shoe is not entirely just a shoe. It has a red LED progress bar embedded which is indicative of the distance remaining from the destination. The only downside is that the destination data must be fed via a laptop only. Nonetheless, it is hoped that if the idea grabs people’s fancy, the source of data can be evolved into a smartphone, a tablet or even wirelessly via a PC. But only the next few paces in time will reveal how well these heels ‘click’ with tech assisted travellers.

Via: Techdigest

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