GuitArduino is a futuristic guitar without strings

Alvin Coessens, Steven Thys and Lucas Daniels have built an experimental musical instrument in the context of a project for Fablab and the Media, Arts & Design Faculty in Genk, Belgium. The case description was to explore the possibilities of making a musical instrument through the newly openend Fablab (a concept from MIT). They build a futuristic electric guitar that could play music just by a touch , no plucking or picking is required. Also, the guitar has no strings attached, only the visible fret-board is there.
GuitArduino Top
The team replaced the snares with light sensors (LDR’s) on the upper part so one can hold his fingers over the sensors to generate a tone, and integrated custom build capacitive touch sensors in the central part of the guitar to expand the range of notes.
GuitArduino 1
The guitar was made out of 3.5mm multiplex wood. The beating heart of the GuitArduino is an Arduino Uno Board  which connects all the sensors to a computer. On the computer PureData is used to send the sensor information as a MIDI signal to Fruity Loops (or any other audio composing program of your choice). In Fruity Loops, the signals from the different sensors are attached to different sounds of a MIDI guitar. Coupling GuitArduino to software like Fruity Loops allows one to play any sort of sample or range of samples with the same instrument, kind of like a synthesizer. 
GuitArduino 2
GuitArduino 3
GuitArduino 4

Thanks Alvin Coessens

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