Guitarion is a guitar that can be played with one hand, especially designed for Hemiplegics

Playing guitar has fascinated everyone, even a person who does not know anything about guitar is spellbound by its rhythms. The people suffering from Hemiplegics cannot play guitar because playing it require both hands, and therefore an engineering university has developed a guitar that can be played by the people suffering from Hemiplegics.

Chiba University Graduate School of Engineering is developing a guitar named “The Guitarion.” It’s being built specially for Hemiplegics (people who suffer from half body paralysis). The guitar consists of a device called solenoid and a foot switch. Solenoid works with help of foot switch. The University students have attached solenoid to an electric guitar’s main body.

Fundamentally what happens is the solenoid is attached to the foot switch, which contains six buttons. Each button corresponds to a particular string. When you press a button the solenoid moves up and down accordingly and plucks the string to produce sound. In actual, solenoid was designed to be used as a device for many guitars, but the engineers found out that if it was misaligned the strumming would not work.

Via: DigInfo

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