Handcrafted iPhone tank charger is made up of recycled materials

iPhone chargers are not so good looking. They are not suitable as a piece of decoration, but Tech Toy designer PHU has come up with tank charger which is a brilliant piece of home decor. These chargers are handcrafted by him and are available at Four Corner Store for US$395. 4CS and PHU work in collaboration to provide these tanks to the consumers.

iPhone Tank Charger

PHU has designed two tanks which he named as: DATA Yellow/Black iPhone 4s Dock and M.A.C. Red/Grey iPhone 5 Dock. If you want one for yourself you can also get it designed to your own specifications. These chargers come with a built in charger cord and can charge iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Also, Four Corner Store suggests that if you want one for your iPad they will provide you the same, of course with an extra price.

iPhone Tank Charger 1

iPhone Tank Charger 2

iPhone Tank Charger 3

iPhone Tank Charger 4

iPhone Tank Charger 5

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