Hitcase pro is a hit solution to turn your iPhone into a P.O.V. camera

Your iPhone is built for style, versatility, connectivity, ease of use but not entirely for a rugged adventure, or is it? Hitcase brings you the ‘HitcasePro’ which is a tough polycarbonate casing for your iPhone that turns your phone camera into a helmet cam. The case features a ‘two element lens’ which proficiently increases the inherent field of view of the iPhone lens making for the widest view possible.

The lens is cushioned against the iPhone. It also has the capability of turning into a macro lens for close up shots underwater (the case being completely waterproof) as well as above. The two element lens facilitates proper cleansing owing to its detachment feature. The makers at Hitcase also claim the case to be shock proof so you can save your shudders on dropping the phone laden case onto even the hardest surfaces. The mounting mechanism is a channel like rail which is christened ‘RailSlide’. Railslide augments to the mounting versatility of the case making it securable to most surfaces. Apparently, the number of apps being developed for the Hitcase is on the rise. An app called Vidometer is being supplied along with the case. The case is priced steeply at $129.99 but if it can live up to the capabilities the company claims it can, then it’s a steal. Finally a look at what’s in the box.
In the box you get:
1x Hitcase Pro
1x GoPro® Compatible Railslide™ Mount
1x Tripod TiltR
1x StickR Mount
1x Wrist Strap
1x Additional Port Plug
1x Quick Start Guide
Free Vidometer™ App
Currently the case is available for iPhone 4/4s but a 5 version is scheduled to arrive by December 2012.

Via: GearJunkie

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