Auto Mee S: Hockey puck like robot to keep your touchscreen device crystal clear

Keeping touchscreen devices clean is a major snag that users have to face every now and then. To deal with this snag a Japanese company known as Takara Tomy has developed a robot that swipes away the dust and dirt off your device’s screen and makes it crystal clear. The robot acts as a tiny vacuum cleaner (Roomba-like) and cleans the screen of your smartphone or tablet.Auto Mee S

Known as Auto Mee S, the small robot can sense all ends of your device to keep itself falling off the edges. It features two cleaning pads and three tires on the underside. The robot takes a total of four minutes to clean your smartphone and about eight minutes for your tablet. All you have to do is place it on the screen of your device and the Auto Mee S does the rest. It cleans the surface as it moves around.

Auto Mee S

Auto Mee S will be available to buy in Japan for ¥ 1575 i.e. $ 17. Pretty reasonable for such a useful product! Isn’t it? Also, it will be available in a variety of colors to suit an individual’s choice.

Via: Pocketables

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