Huge Steampunk Iron Man action figure is detailed to the core

Kids are fascinated by action figures, one of their favourite is Iron Man. But, this steampunk Iron Man action figure is not for kids, this one is for us, grownups. A 24-inch steampunk action figure of Iron Man by Pack Rat Studios is detailed to the core. The figure has 54 points of articulation in whole body and a light up chest piece. Jonathan Kuriscak from Pack Rat Studios took a total of five months to build this awesome figure.

The figure’s got ball jointed head and waist that helps in movements. You can move the head left to right and up and down. Same goes for the waist, which owing to the ball joint can be bent forward and backward and side to side. The figure can also turn at different angles. There’s a showerhead attached to the front torso region which sports a very armor like appearance and has been sculpted around a unicrown chest.

A lot of PVC work has also been built into it as well. The crotch consists of two unicorn crotches fused together from where two legs are coming out from the sides. These legs can be ratcheted out. The ankles support swivel movement. The arms are also pretty much based on the principle of the legs where two unicrown pieces are fused together. The arms exhibit sideways and upward movement. The forearm however is much more versatile because of a ball joint in the wrist which allows it to pretty much bend itself any which way. Even the palm beneath the highly articulated fingers features a ball joint. The fingers can be bent inwards as well as stretched outwards and yes, they can be folded nicely into fists.

Coming to the embellishments, six LED flickering lights have been wired inside the chest. On the back appears to be equipment akin to a jet pack with steam tanks. There’s a battery compartment at the back which holds two AA batteries. Proximate to the batteries is the switch which turns on the LEDs. To add to the metallic detail, pistons are embedded on the forearms and at the back of the upper arms which in no way hinder the movement but only add to the metallic awesomeness.

Pack Rat Studios compare a regular sized Wolverine action figure to Steampunk Iron Man action figure, see it for yourself in the image below.

Jonathan Kuriscak explains how the action figure is made and what it can do, in the video below.

Steampunk Iron Man

Steampunk Iron Man

Steampunk Iron Man

Via: PackRatStudios

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