Inflatable water slide for yacht adds fun and thrill to the luxury

Waterslides are exciting and the excitement gets maximized if the waterslide starts from a yacht. The “Freestyle Cruiser” is a custom made inflatable water slide by “FreeStyle Slides” particularly built for yachts. This is actually the only product of ‘rich’ I envy! How much fun it would be to go on a slide and splash in the ocean! Anyways, The Freestyle Cruiser is built according to the specifications on order, but the company uses a standard design for the built.

The Freestyle Cruiser is built from highest grade vinyl and therefore is lightweight. There are two versions of the slide: the Leg Support version, which is recommended for the slides of a height more that 5m and the Non Leg Support version for slides of height less than or equal to 5m. The slide is designed to provide immense comfort and to meet the demands of the billionaires.

Presently the Freestyle Cruiser is being used by 50 luxury yachts worldwide. Place the order on FreeStyle Cruiser’s website, if you want one for yourself.

Via: TheAwesomer

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