“Instacube” connects to your device wirelessly and exhibits your “Instagram” feeds

A start-up company named Design 2 Matter (D2M) has developed a device for Instagram lovers, it’s called Instacube. Instacube lets a user stream Instagram pictures directly and wirelessly on its screen.  The Instacube displays images three times the actual size. The device measures 7.5×7.5×2.5” and displays only Instagram images, it does not stream any external source image. 


Instacube’s design is based on a theme of “living canvas”, a round-edged square box with 600×600-pixel LCD touchscreen display. It has three buttons on the top that lets user like, switch between instagram feeds and power the device on or off. It has android based operating system and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


The device is seeking funds for mass producing the device, and currently it’s running on Kickstarter looking for pledges.


Via: TheInquirer

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