Intelligent camera can capture athlete’s heart rate, acceleration, temperature and HD images

Wouldn’t it be astounding if you could feel what athletes feel when they are about to perform their event? Or, when they are done performing? Or may be, when they are about to get reward for their remarkable performance? You will soon be able to access all this information in real time with the pictures of athletes. Fraunhofer researchers in Erlangen, Germany have developed an INCA intelligent camera that not only captures images of athletes in HD broadcasting quality but also captures their acceleration, temperature and pulse.

Mini camera with maxi brainpower

The camera is so little that it measures only 2x2x8 cm, but the astonishing power capability and high performance allow expert tasks like filming and TV productions easy. Sensors fitted into INCA provide GPS position, acceleration, temperature and air pressure in real time. Camera can also be connected to external devices like heart rate monitors via Bluetooth or WLAN for heart rate tracking. INCA has an Android Operating System, which allows a user to install applications in it. It automatically detects and corrects objective errors and compresses HD videos in real time. Also, INCA intelligent camera is a rugged type and can withstand all forces of nature, like cold, debris, heat, sand and dust.

The camera will be put on the exhibit at IBC trade show in Amsterdam from 7 to 11 September, 2012. Pricing and availability have not been revealed yet.

Source: Fraunhofer

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