‘Invisible Headphone’ is an implanted speaker right inside the ear

You would have to be an ultimate music fan to do what Rich Lee has done. The guy has implanted a wireless headphone in his ear to free himself from the daily hassle of misplacing or losing his headphones. More than just a music fan Rich is a Grinder, one who experiments with body enhancements and surgical implants. Therefore he came up with an idea of implanting a magnet (that works like a speaker) into his Tragus.

Rich Lee Invisible Headphone

The magnet functions as a speaker and works with the help of a coil that Rich Lee wears around his neck. Without the coil speaker won’t function. Basically the coil sends audio signals into a magnetic field that causes magnetic implant to vibrate and produce sound. Other than listening to music Lee’s got a set of ideas he could do with the implant. He plans to hook up the system to sensors like Geiger counter, Rangefinder and Thermometer which will give him the ability to hear conversations from long distance and also sense how hot something is without touching it.

Rich was inspired from a project on Instructables called “Make Your Own Invisible Earphones.” His implants are nearly undetectable to the naked eye but there is a drawback in the system, the audio quality, it’s certainly not as good as a pair of headphones. Lee is planning to do some more magnet implants in his ear for a good sound quality.

Via: CNet / H+

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