iPhone 5 case with gold embedding is worth $3000

Gresso, a luxury communication products company has unveiled a metal bumper case for the new iPhone. The company must have been eager to release their luxury case with gold embedding, since Apple hasn’t released new iPhone till now. Still Gresso is sure that the new iPhone could easily be fitted inside the case.

The Bumper case for iPhone 5 is made of solid titanium. Gresso decided to go with titanium because of its light weight character, anti-scratch surface and good strength. Engravings on the case are done by hand and not by machine, an 18k gold inset features name of the company imprinted. Well defined characteristics, gold embedding and great hand work goes well with a $3000 price tag.

Only 999 pieces will be made, hence making these cases a limited edition product. The Gresso Revolution iPhone 5 metal bumper cases will hit market in mid October, on the same date as iPhone 5 release. They can be purchased from Gresso.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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