iPhone armband with LED lets you run carefree in the dark

A quick morning run is the favourite coffee for many around the world. There would be very few heath conscious folks whose daily routine lacks this convention of an activity. Unfortunately not everyone’s schedule allows for a brisk morning heat at daybreak, even if they want to. Working hours drilling long into the night, odd working hours and so forth hinder regularity. But you run anyway.Basecase Blaze
You run at night around evening but not without your mind freed of the traffic constraints as vehicles dashing by you every now and then steal your rhythm. Perhaps the answer lies in something as simple as a running strap, a running strap called Basecase. The project Basecase Blaze is running on Kickstarter for a pledge of $7,500 with 28 more days to go.

Basecase is a running strap which houses in it the iPhone. It is lightweight, made of lycra with a pocket for the iPhone and a smaller one for cash or cards. It’s half as thick as other straps available yet is strong and effective. The strap is fastened using velcro. There’s a large, dipper like LED unit in the strap which makes your road presence conspicuous, alerting the traffic. It is operated by a button and using the same button can be toggled between still and blinking mode.
Basecase Blaze 1
The designers of the strap Nate and Yan have informed that currently, the ordering price of the unit is $30 each but if you chip in $10 more, you receive another LED unit enhancing your road presence further. The design is simple yet effective though how effectively it captures the fancy of keen runners is a knowledge few paces ahead from now.
Basecase Blaze 2
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