‘Iron Man’ inspired functional glove is powerful enough to bombard laser beams

People are really enthusiastic about “Iron Man 3” release and one such renowned fan has shown his excitement by creating a fully functional Iron Man Gauntlet. This amazing idea is brainchild of Patrick Priebe of Laser Gadgets. The gauntlet fires lasers and completely fits over forearm. It has been crafted in dazzling red and gold and looks really geeky when worn.

Iron man glove

It is juiced up by two lithium-ion batteries. These batteries provide power to the LEDs, to lasers and to the slider mechanism in the Gauntlet. It is powerful enough to burst balloons from quite a distance. It fires 1.2 watt blue laser along with 4 MW red laser that aims. The designer has created maximum part of the gauntlet by hand and took around 120 hours to complete the project. He plays Iron Man movies in the background to keep himself motivated.

iron man1

Via: io9


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