Kepler space kit lets you take pro aerial photographs from 100,000 ft

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” Well, the quote serves meaning of great photography. But Kepler is a kit that lets you take aerial photographs from 100,000 ft, that’s quite a distance to be close. Kepler Space Kit takes your iPhone or your Go Pro camera to soaring heights through a parachute fitted with a GPS transmitter and returns with a first-class footage. You just have to clip your gadget and get ready for its takeoff.

top Kepler

It is a project from Quirky made up of carbon fiber legs for landing and takeoff, acrylic case and a mount for elevated flying, weather balloon, GPS transmitter, nylon parachute and a plastic housing. There is a capsule lightweight space capsule mounted on to iPhone 5 or Go Pro camera for a safe and sound travel.

Kepler 1

Price for the kit is still not set as it is in the production phase. The former project was a kite mounted Kepler that was also able to do aerial photography but for lesser heights. Some photographs taken by the kit can be seen after the break. See the video also.

Kepler 2

Kepler 5

Kepler 6








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