KICKR Bike trainer uses iPhone to let you ride in the real world

Sitting on a training bike and working out for some time makes you fit but doesn’t excite you much. To make up with this odd situation Wahoo Fitness has revealed a power bike that connects with your iPhone and gives you feel of the real world. The trainer bike connects to a screen in the front that displays the path you are riding.

KICKR Power Trainer

KICKR Power Trainer uses Bluetooth and ANT+ technology to connect with you iPhone. With a single tap on your iPhone you can activate steeps, climbs or flat paths. Most popular routes for biking are featured by the trainer .If in the video you see a climb uphill the pedals become harder as if you are riding the bike uphill and vice-versa. If you want, you can make the paths according to what suits you using an application in you iPhone. You can also compete with other riders in real time and track speed, RPM and pulse rate.

The KICKR Power Trainer was on display this week at the EUROBIKE 2012 and will be available for masses in November, only in US. Pricing details have not been revealed by Wahoo Fitness.

Via: CultOfMac

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