Kinect transforms dance moves into musical grooves

Like a stress relieving drug, music flows into our system, releasing all hassles by way of dance movements. Tables are turning now where euphoric movements beget music. Now the DJ will also shake his booty to get the party going. Kinect hack has fashioned a first of its kind music mixer which executes through bodily motions. Christened the V motion project, the mixer is accoutered with a motion based synthesizer which has controls mapped to various body movements. Hi fidelity music is generated along with strikingly rich visuals, all this in real time. So to make, you must shake. The V motion project is an amalgamation of Bikinect and Ableton live. Bikinect is the brain behind mapping body movements while Ableton is an undisputed sovereign of music mixing and creation. The project is patronized by Colenso BBDO.

Besides the repertoire, a DJ dexterously maneuvers the turn table which catches the crowd’s fancy in an instant. In an identical fashion, the V motion mixer exhibits audience allure by capturing body movements and transmuting the same into phat beats and grooves. The party of the future is here and “V” all are invited.


Via: Custom-Logic

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