LED Top hat is for the “party animal” living inside you

If you are a party fanatic and love to dress up like a “centre of attraction” thing while having fun, then this LED Top hat is what you should look forward to. A YouTube user “Safarir” has build this vivid hat to bring out the extreme out of you.

Safarir did not give any details on how he made this hat but a video below shows what a fun thing it is. The only particulars he provided are that 400 LEDs are fixed on a simple top hat with Adafruit’s RGB LED Flexi Strips. All LEDs can be coded individually so that patterns and designs can be brought up on the hat.

Safarir did some coding and the hat was able to display pixel hearts, color vibrations, streaks, dots, and phrases. He uploaded quite a few videos on YouTube of his cool hat, as the LED is his own creation you won’t be able to find it anywhere else.

Via: GeekTech

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