Mato is a funky accessory for your style and a techie one for your PC

Gadgets are becoming more compact and fashionable these days. This trend is taken a step ahead by Laurent Hongisto who has designed a drive that would certainly occupy more space in working as well as in our heart. The drive is designed in a very stylish curvy smartness using special fabric by Danish. The drive has been termed as Mato. It is a Kickstarter project pledging to reach a goal of $18,000 and the funding ends on 21st Jan 2013.

Mato - a Notably Flavored Flash Drive
The drives will be available in three beautiful combinations of colors with 8 GB as well as 16 GB capacity. Another interesting feature about the drive is that each one has its own name. So which one are you planning to buy.

Exactly speaking, the drive will be divided into four components viz. casing, spring, textile and flash drive. The interesting part is all the above mentioned parts will be produces at different places like springs from Italy, Textile from Denmark, the casing from China and flash drives from Silicon Valley and finally assembled at the studio in Milan. Though the first batch of Mato drives is yet to come and is waiting for more funding to meet material and production cost.

Mato - Wearable Flash Drive

Mato - Wearable Flash Drive

Mato - Wearable flash drive

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