“Maul thy neighbor” with the mean DIY Ping Pong Ball Mauler

Out of all sports gear, a Ping Pong ball can perhaps be deemed as quite a smooth and innocuous sphere. But when this little white or orange thingy of hard plastic is loaded as ammo, the smooth and round contours can meet the human body as quite unforgiving! Meet the “Ping Pong Ball Mauler, a contrivance originated at the hands of Christian Reed, a going to be junior at MIT this year in Mechanical Engineering.

So what is this mean looking, teeth grinding, cylindrical contraption anyway? And what’s with the bellicose stance? Well the name of the game is Pneumatics and the aim is to shoot Ping Pong balls like crazy at well…say your pesky neighbour! Pneumatics is a section of technology that deals with the study and application of pressurized gas to affect mechanical motion. In the Ping Pong Ball Mauler, Christian Reed has utilized a poly drum and a home-made pneumatic device. A standard vacuum cleaner was employed to be turned into high volume, low pressure apparatus. The result? It enables the mauler to fire a constant string of ping pong balls at approximately a hundred balls a minute. Neat eh?

Now for the niceties. A 55 gallon poly drum has been integrated with the apparatus which is spacious enough to hold about 2500 ping pong bullets….sorry, balls. The maximum firing capacity clocks to about 300 balls per minute provided nothing jams. So long as the ammo remains, the rapid rate of firing can be effectively sustained. One just doesn’t need to worry about “reload”. In this sense, the mean ping pong mauler is ever ready for assault. Unleash the ruthless albeit harmless “ping pongian” fury upon the folks next door. Occasionally, it’s quite okay to “maul” thy neighbor! Let it be an irony if your target next door is somewhat of a ping pong aficionado!


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