Med Sensation robotic hand lets you diagnose your own disease

Future Robotic Hand is all what you need to desist from going to doctors for your regular check-ups. Med Sensation robotic hand is a project led by Singularity University’s graduate studies program that aims to make your diagnosis easier as well as robotic at hospitals. Two engineers and a Harvard Medical School student came out with this idea of Med Sensation robotic hand when X Prize founder Peter Diamandis and futurist Ray Kurzweil asked them to create something that would impact one billion people in 10 years.

Med Sensation robotic hand

The second version of Med Sensation glove is fixed with sensors that can detect vibrations, temperature and sound. A buzzer system set with an accelerometer lets you examine affected area carefully. If too much pressure is applied on the area the buzzer goes on.

Med Sensation robotic hand

The glove can be used for screening breast cancer and can locate lump easily, detect enlarged liver or lymph nodes, the ultrasound sensors are also embedded for easy assessment of abdominal pain and heart abnormalities. A consumer version of Med Sensation glove will also be developed by the firm so that people are able to diagnose themselves easily.

Via: FastCoExist

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