Mobile embedded onto the bottom of your heels would surely make you feel smart

We see innovative mobiles with latest technologies every now and then but have you ever seen a mobile phone lodged in shoe heel. Yes you read it right. Artist Sean Miles has embedded four mobile phones in four heels of various renowned names viz. Hunter Wellington boot, Nike trainer, Christian Louboutin and men’s brogue.

Mobile embedded onto shoes

The most attractive feature about the whole upcycling is that the handsets are fully functional and costs £2,500. The inspiration behind the whole upcycling was to use old and unwanted mobile phones in an innovative and stylish manner. Isn’t it a great idea to embed phone into the bottom of your favorite shoes but I am sure, if you consider the hygiene factors you would like to give it a  second thought, won’t you?

Mobile embedded 1

Mobile embedded onto2

Mobile embedded onto3

Mobile embedded onto4

Via: TheSun



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