NASA funding a weird plane that flies sideways to go supersonic

NASA is financially supporting a concept plane that can be weird for us while we imagine it. The concept plane can fly sideways and can go supersonic by rotating 90 degrees. A researcher at University of Miami named Gecheng Zha along with his team is developing a similar plane funded by NASA with $100,000. The team will get $100,000 more when they show remarkable progress in its development. The name of this concept plane is SBiDir-FW.


The SBiDir-FW (Supersonic bi-directional flying wing) concept plane, as the name suggests, has wings in all four directions. Two alternate wings are used to fly the plane in natural mode and the other two are used to fly it in supersonic mode. The concept plane, when complete will be able to achieve maximum speed of 1,500 MPH, board up to 70 passengers, take off in under 2,500 feet and will exclude sonic boom.


Via: Core77

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