New Coca-Cola bottle melts in your hands like butter

If someone were to ask you that what do butter and Coca Cola have in common, you’d probably end up wearing a confused and dazed expression. But perhaps now after reading this, you’d be better prepared for such an abnormal inquiry. Recently Coca-Cola unveiled its calorie-friendly cans and now the makers of Coca-Cola are planning to make world’s no. 1 beverage completely Eco-friendly as well.


How, you say? Well apparently the bottle which contains the drink melts in your hands. So the mystery of the butter-coke analogy ends here. The bottle that holds your drink will be all ice! Yes, coke stored in an ice bottle made by freezing water at -13 degrees Celsius in moulds. These bottles have become so famous that on an average 265 bottles per hour are being sold in Colombia itself.

coca cola

To address your concerns of freezing your hands off, the bottle comes with a red rubber band which slips over the bottle. So just drink up, chuck away the bottle and let nature take its course with it. No waste, no junk, no recycle. Sheer thirst quenching! Now that’s “Always Coca-Cola!”

coca cola3

coca cola1

coca cola4

Via: Gizmodiva

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