New Time Twister clock tells time by turning its LEGO bricks

Hans Andersson is a software programmer and developer and also a casual LEGO Mindstormer. Don’t judge him when I say ‘a casual LEGO Mindstormer’, you won’t believe the cool and geeky products he has built. The last one of them is Time Twister 2, a LEGO Mindstorm clock that displays the time by turning around LEGO bricks mechanically.

Time Twister 2 is built from some LEGO bricks, Mindstorms NXT Controllers and five servo motors. Digits which display the time altogether comprise of seven segments each. The servo motors are connected in such a way that they turn around the segments in particular order and display the current time. See how the clock works in video below.

The Time Twister 2 clock weighs a heavy eight kg’s and also features an alarm that can be set as and when needed.

Via: Tilted Twister

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