Now read an E-book not with your mouse but with your hands

‘Electrobiblioteka’, is the name that has been given to a real, live E book. Waldek Wegrzyn has created a tangible E Book the physicality of which is entirely opposite to the conventional e link reader. One might call it a reverse engineered pagination which is quite laborious but worth the effort which is all evident in the video below.


The Polish designer Waldek Wegrzyn quotes El Lissitzky as his chief inspiration. Referral has been made by the designer to a text known as The Topography of Topography first published in July 1983. The excerpts are as follows:

1. The words on the printed surface are taken in by seeing, not by hearing.

2. One communicates meanings through the convention of words; meaning attains form through letters.
3. Economy of expression: optics not phonetics.
4. The design of the book-space, set according to the constraints of printing mechanics, must correspond to the tensions and pressures of content.
5. The design of the book-space using process blocks which issue from the new optics. The supernatural reality of the perfected eye.
6. The continuous sequence of pages: the bioscopic book.
7. The new book demands the new writer. Inkpot and quill-pen are dead.
8. The printed surface transcends space and time. The printed surface, the infinity of books, must be transcended. THE ELECTRO-LIBRARY.

Via: Elektrobiblioteka (Polish)
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