Now surgical bots and implemets will possess the ‘human touch’ to comfort patients

Undergoing a surgery is no pleasant business, period. Neither does the sight nor the cold feel of surgical implements make it any easier for the patient. To that end, researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Northwestern University and Dalian University of Technology have devised the ‘smart fingertips’- a glove integrated with an electronic circuit to provide human feel to robots and implements.

The smart glove could revolutionize the way surgeries are carried out by incorporating medical instruments and sensors. The electronic fingers are moulded in a fashion that would fit precisely the user’s hands, transmitting electric signals into the human dermis. Researchers claim that these gloves will be able to ‘do a number’ on the brain by sending it the sensation of human skin’s texture and temperature on coming into contact, thereby increasing the patient’s comfort. The electronic circuit is manufactured using fine gold conductive lines embedded atop ultra-thin sheets of silicon. The glove will find prolific application in procedures like local ablations and ultrasound scans. Researchers claim that since the technological processes and materials employed in the production of ‘smart fingertips’ are already native to the silicon industry, it would be practical to assume a reasonable cost for these gloves. Apart from medical application, the glove can also be introduced to the world of gaming for augmenting realism and thrill.

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