Now tweet from Huggies TwitterPee will let parents know when to change their kid’s diaper

It’s is not easy to be parents but technology has at least made the task of managing kids easier. Now you won’t have to worry about your kid’s dirty diapers and increased body temperature. This all will be done by TweePee, an amazing sensor introduced by Huggies Diapers.  Though market was already packed with baby monitors of various kinds, some to monitor baby’s breathing movements, some to measure heartbeat and temperature and some to even monitor daily growth of kid’s, but the sensor that tweets you to change your baby’s diaper is all new in the market.


TwitterPee is a cute little twitter shaped sensor which could be easily attached to the diaper. The sensor is then linked to the parent’s phone which informs you when to change diaper after sensing variation in moistness. It not only helps you in keeping your baby dry but also keeps the count of diapers and informs when you are short of diapers. What else could you ask this sensor to do? Isn’t it an amazing gift for parents?

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