One machine, 17 ways of transporting LEGO balls

Okay let’s give you a heads up before you delve into the details. You’ve got to watch the video first before reading and if we’re on the same page then dear reader then you will be filled with sheer appreciation for the creator of this ingenious system of Lego ball transportation device.
Youtube user ‘akiyuki’ has put up the video of the latest version of his great ball contraption (GBC). The machine has the capacity to move one ball per second while utilizing 17 different modes of transportation.
The size and specs are as follows:
size : 1.5m×6.5m
path length : 31m
construction time : 600 hours1. ball factory (inspired by superbird28) 2. zigzag stair 3. zigzag lift 4. pneumatic (sometimes spilling balls) 5. cup 6. screw T1 7. basket shooter 8. mechanical train (lack of reliability) 9. screw T2 10. screw T3 11. spiral lift T2 12. elevator & coaster (coaster inspired by Hidaka’s ball rolling) 13. fork 14. spiral lift T1 & step 15. catch & release 16. belt conveyor & pinball 17. 5-axis robot S750The way the balls move around is highly compelling and delightful to watch. Sometimes a creation simply for the sake of creativity is a triumph in itself.

Via: Geekologie

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