PEO device doesn’t allow access to PC unless you are absolutely fit

People are struggling for fitness these days and the main cause is obesity. Sitting in front of PC and surfing internet all day long makes the condition worse. Considering this ‘Janko Hofmann’ and ‘Fabian Pammer’ developed a device for a course at the University of Munich that blocks your access to the computer unless you’ve travelled a good distance on your bike. PEO (Personal Energy Orb) is a concept device that compels you to do exercise on your bike to balance the time spent on your computer.

PEO device

PEO device is connected to the computer and starts losing its energy when attached to the computer. When energy of the device lowers, it reduces the mouse speed. If the energy level reaches zero percent, the PEO device makes working of mouse minimum, ultimately causing irritation to the user and encouraging him to again charge the device. To charge the PEO it must be fixed to the bicycle, as you ride your bicycle the energy level rises to the maximum, thereby making you fit, and then again with energy bar to the max you can carry on with your work on your PC.

Personal Energy Orb

Via: PEO

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