Photographer implants computer into a DSLR Camera

David Hunt, a bright mind photographer from Ireland thought of implanting his Canon 5D Mark II with a computer, and guess what? He did it successfully. Raspberry Pi is a boon for many as it is for this artist, David inserted a Raspberry Pi worth €35 into an old and broken battery grip (after some modifications so that the computer would fit into the grip).

The battery grip after implantation consisted of a completely functioning Linux (Raspbian), network adapter, Input/Output source, two USB ports and HDMI. The modified addition for Canon 5D Mark II attaches to bottom of the camera.

David thought of uses of this hack beforehand and according to him it works very well. Now with a computer inside DSLR David can click and transmit photos over WiFi, attach USB flash drive or hard drive to the camera, remotely control the camera with, smartphone, PC or tablet, capture in custom time lapse mode, convert images to view on iPad or iPhone.


Via: DavidHunt

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