Air-Powered trousers enhance joint power in humans

The Royal College of London has recently devised a unique breed of clothing with enhances joint power. The design students behind the invention say that although in prototype stage, the air-powered clothing uses a series of connected air bags placed over the limbs which initiate the physical lift.

pneumatic trousers

The development and advancement of bionic legs is a rampant phenomena world over. Various such contraptions work employing a mechanical, exoskeleton structure and have achieved erratic success. These clothing on the other hand have been designed to restore the ability to walk and also aid recuperation in those with damaged legs.

The developers at Royal College feel that this pneumatic design is more effective since it provides a more “natural” feel and also possesses the ability to self power itself by means of an integrated foot pump. The nascent objective of the project was to provide occasional actions for the elderly like standing up from a seated position. The designers are mainly of Asian and Russian origin namely Tanya Chong,Junior Ngwenya, Igor Safronov and Sangwoo Park.

Via: BBC

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