Police can now mark their suspects with DNA to apprehend them in the future

Selectmark, a British firm has come up with a very novel yet foolproof way of apprehending criminals. More than a way, it is a unique weapon which does more damage to suspects than regular guns but without causing any physical injury. Intrigued? Read on.

The DNA gun

DNA gun is the state of the art contrivance of Selectmark. The gun utilizes green DNA pallets which penetrate through the clothes and mark the criminal’s skin with a unique DNA code which renders the police capable of tracking the perpetrator even weeks after the riot or disturbance. The uniqueness of the pallets is that neither do they cause sensation nor any injury to the suspect thereby leaving him clueless of his vulnerability. Once the suspect is stained with the DNA, UV scanners do the remaining part by recognising and confirming the suspect. Sniffer dogs can also be used for the purpose.

The DNA gun1

A laudable feature of the system is that it cannot be hacked. For in doing so, previous knowledge of special key codes would be required to identify DNA strands. Hence the code generated by the police will in no way be duplicated by third parties.

The DNA gun2

Currently the maker firm is in talks with several UK police forces for the implementation of the system in the arena of law enforcement. How successful will this modern strain of crime fighting DNA be in convincing the decision makers shall depend on its practicality in the zone.

Via: PoliceOne



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