Real life version of Mario Karting is a dream come true for Mario Kart game fans

If you are a Mario Kart fan you would have surely fantasized about playing a real life version of the game once in a while. There is a good news for all such fans out there as two engineers from Texas named Hunter Smith and Ben James have created a real life version of Mario Bros racing game.


The most amazing part of the whole experience is RFID implanted boxes hanging over the pathway. The player has to collect these boxes resembling turtle shells and bananas in the original game. These suspended articles not only give the real game effect but also affect the performance of the racing car. Like if you collect mushroom item on the track, it will stimulate small Servo Motors wirelessly which will enhance the speed.


So are you interested in playing your favorite game in real life? The only sad part is that the track was set up with temporary provisions. But thanks to James and Smith who helped game lovers build their own setups.

Via: Gajitz


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