Rebel fighters from Syria made a tank out of car junk, controlled via gaming remote

Rebels from Syria have built an actual tank out of cars outer body parts. According to its builder, Mahmud Abud, it was built to take Bashar Assad’s (President) province. It took a total of one month and $10,000 to complete the tank.

Homemade Tank

The tank is called Sham II by rebels. It features a 7.62mm machine-gun turret, five cameras and armoured steel body. Five cameras stuck to the outer shell provide a fine view of surroundings to the crew inside, video is featured on an LCD screen. A game controller is handled by a person sitting next to the driver to fire the mounted machine gun.

Homemade Tank

Take a look at the video below to see the Sham II in action.

Via: The Blaze

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