Sci-Fi movies inspired AtmoSphere toy hovers on hand

Have you ever heard about a chopper being controlled by the palm of your hands other than a remote control or a smartphone application? If not, here it comes! Air hogs, a renowned name in remote control vehicles has come up with a fascinating approach that would make a helicopter move in response to the hand movements of the user. The chopper yet to be released has been named as AtmoSphere.


The AtmoSphere can detect solid surfaces up to six inches under its bottom surface with the help of infrared sensors. The object moves and floats away as soon as some object is detected within its range. But it the object like hand etc. tries to come near the chopper, the choppers moves upwards. It can also moves sideways by softly pushing against its sides.

The cage surrounding the toy protects its blades when it flies on its own in an autonomous mode. There is a charging support powered by six AA batteries to recharge the chopper. You won’t have to wait much for the chopper as it will be soon available in the market at $24.99.


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