Scientists develop self-filling bottle that sucks water from the air

Due to scarce rainfall in Namib Desert, the Namib Desert Beetle has tendency to suck water from air. Inspired from this beetle ‘NBD Nano’ has created a water bottle prototype that works on the same phenomenon, the bottle sucks water from air and fills itself. Deckard Sorensen is one of the founders of NBD Nano and has a major contribution in developing this tech, he visualises the bottle to be available for masses by 2014.

Self filling water bottle

Biomimicry i.e. creating technology by getting inspired from nature is quite common now-a-days. Namib Desert beetle can attract water from some areas of his body and store it in some place inside his body for future use. Sorensen used hydrophilic (water drawing) and hydrophobic (water resisting) coatings to cover the surface, passed air over that surface with the help of a fan and managed to draw water from the air. This was enough to convince Sorensen to make an actual self-filling water bottle.

Deckard Sorensen said that the tech is very useful and does not require much energy. The device will be able to run on solar power or small batteries and could be attached on buildings and cars.

Via: BigThink

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