Send real life emoticons with an iPhone controlled drone

iStrike Shuttle is an iOS controlled drone which carries ping pong balls in form of real life emoticons called the iStrike Bombs. You will be able to deliver your emotions over the head of your target by controlling the drone with iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad through Bluetooth. The ping pong balls are imprinted with smileys of different kinds.

iStrike Shuttle

The drone will be operated through an iOS app with a support for the right and left handed people. iStrike Shuttle is currently being pledged on Kickstarter to achieve a goal of $30000. When the production is complete the cool gizmo will be available for sale for US$129.99.

Right now the drone embraces of only one function i.e. dropping ping pong balls, but the future version of the iStrike Shuttle will comprise of an on-board camera, augmented reality game, light-weight cargo freight container, and a smart pick-up claw.

Via: DreamCheeky

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