Single seater electric helicopter is perfect for commute plus the rescue operations

International Aerospace Exhibition in Nagoya recently unveiled a flying machine. It is a single seater electric helicopter that would be ideal for personal transportation as well as for rescue operations in the future. Hirobo is the company behind the project which will mass produce the machine by 2021. The helicopter will come in three versions- unmanned version for transfer of time sensitive materials like organs or blood, single seater version that will also help in personal transportation and two seater version which will be in the works in near future.

Personal helicopter

RC helicopters manufacturer, Kotaro Matsuzaka said that US$125M has been invested in this project. The unmanned type mini helicopter will be available for US$125,000 when ready and the one-seater for US$375,000. Also, they are all made to be noiseless so that the needy people who would be calling out for help could be heard. The electric motor will spin for 30 minutes at a time and the helicopter will be able to attain a speed of 100km/h (62mph).

mini helicopter

The mini helicopter is a super machine that will help humans in every possible way. I would love to have one for myself and fly waving hi’s to dear ones all along the way.

mini helicopter

mini helicopter

Via: Nikkan / RocketNews

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