SmartThings, a smart way to manage everyday things in your house

Technological advancements have made our life quite simple and easy. SmartThings is a similar innovative technology that would surely amaze you with its extreme accuracy and usefulness. The project has been funded by Kickstarter and is a magnificent wireless system operated through a smartphone. The aim behind the project is to exhibit the completely programmed homes. The device can be used for connecting locks, lights, thermostat and even pantry appliances to the internet.


By using this magical device, the residents will be able to check who is home or what has been kept on or off. Another interesting feature is that you can even attach the smart hub to the pet’s collar and monitor his movement. The brilliance of the device can be made out from the fact that it can even inform you when your pet’s food bowl gets empty. The target of $250,000 has been set for the device and its Minnesota developers have started to work on a universal smart system applicable to any device. The device will surely revolutionize the way housekeeping system and people will be able move around more freely.

Via: GigaOm

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