Smartype keyboard comes with a narrow screen on the top and connects to the web

Smartype, a keyboard with fine screen on the top helps you type faster with a possibility of doing fewer errors. For a slow typist it ensures faster typing which comes automatically with help of the given screen. The screen displays what you’re typing as you type and reduces eye and neck strain.

Smartype keyboard

The keyboard will also be able to connect to web and ultimately your web feeds. It can display your Facebook and Twitter feeds and also notifications related to Email, your computer statistics and weather information too.

The Smartype keyboard is a very stylish product by KeyView and can support some apps as well. The in-built screen concept is unique and will surely help many users to type faster and focus on the task in hand. Price and availability of Smartype is not set till now but the keyboard is available in Israel.

Via: TheVerge / SmarType

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